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The Beginning

Well I’m not sure how many people, if any, are actually reading my posts but I’m going to keep writing to any that do.  I’m going to take you on a journey.  This journey is about how we got to where we are today and where we want to go.  It’s a story about a God we’ve learned to trust completely and how  little can become much with His help.  Like all trips that are worth taking this one is not without it’s obstacles.  There’s literally been blood, sweat and tears shed along the way and there’s also been joy and satisfaction unimaginable.

I don’t want to hold Sandra and myself up as anyone special or different from anyone else.  We’re just two ordinary people that love our God and work to benefit His people in the trenches however we can.  We’ve had a lot of inspiration along the way from other believers and especially the guests that have stayed here.  

OK, so let’s get started on the journey.  About twelve years ago Sandra and I went on our own retreat to try to find God’s path for us in ministry.  We took a long weekend at a Bed and Breakfast and our keyboard and prayed for direction.  We made our commitment to God that whatever He wanted we would be in it 100%.  And I can’t caution people enough on this point; when you say 100% you never really know ahead of time what that is.  We sure didn’t.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “Facing The Giants”, think of the death crawl.  We came away from that weekend inspired and ready to go to work for God but we still didn’t have the direction.

A few weeks later, I can’t remember how long it was; I’ve slept since then, Sandra got an email from Email Ministry.  The letters contained in the email are on this site and I encourage you to read them. The letters were from an officer in the Army of God to the Commander in Chief (God). The officer wanted out of the battle, but God couldn’t afford to take him out of it. God said He would provide a place out of the battle for him to rest and rekindle.  It was this email and seeing the state of our pastors in their ministry that put us on the path to building the Jesus R&R House.

About every six months our pastors came so close to burnout that they needed to get rest somewhere.  Pastors, missionaries, church leadership and especially those who minister at the “Gates of Hell”, need a rest from the 24/7 ministry that’s expected of them.  The problem is they can very rarely afford it.  And that’s where God comes in.

So now that you know what inspired us to get started, hold on because the fun and games are about to begin.


Steward and Treasurer for Jesus R&R House

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