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Now comes the House

I apologize for taking so long to get the next installment out. I’ll blame it on the holidays. It’s a lame excuse but it’s the only one I’ve got.
We’ve been given the inspiration for the R&R House and now the search begins for a place to make it come to life. We originally planned on finding a large existing house in a secluded or rarely traveled area to make the vision come true. We came very close to putting an offer in on a large Victorian home with servants quarters in a small town but God didn’t give us the peace with it to continue. While on the way home from this house we saw a realtor’s sign, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, that grabbed our attention. We couldn’t find the place the sign was pointing to so that prompted a search of listings that led us to the plot of land the house now stands on.
We have the place now all we had to do was figure out what to build and how to finance it. We applied to a bank used by the company that was to build the house and to our surprise we were approved for an amount that was well beyond what we expected. In order to get the financing for the house we needed to own the land it was to be built on. Which comes first, the land or the financing? We needed the land to get the financing, but couldn’t get the land because we needed financing. Well God wasn’t about to let a small thing like the money get in the way. To our surprise the realtor offered to give us a short term loan to buy the property which would be paid back when the financing went through. God is good, all the time.
We eventually settled on house plans and with the financing the builders were able to start on the panelized construction. The house was built in a factory and shipped to our site on two semi trailers. Just getting the trucks to the building site seemed like a miracle. The roads coming into the property were, to me, too narrow and had too many sharp turns not to mention the dirt roads. The drivers were awesome and backed the trucks down the dirt road leading to the building site. We were in awe of their driving skill.
Since we couldn’t get equipment to the site to unload the house components we opted for manual labor. Our church home membership consisted largely of homeless and down and out people. What an opportunity to show God’s mercy and grace. We ended up employing around fifteen of the men for three days. Group prayer started every day we were there, but it wasn’t always us initiating it. The only person not joining us was the carpentry contractor, which should raised up a big spiritual red flag.
We’ll leave the story here for the time being. Check back later for more about the red flag and the working of the Holy Spirit during construction.


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