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Construction Nightmare

We started construction on the house in May of 2007 acting as our own General Contractor. We believed that the sub contractors we hired would do the job they contracted for. Little did we know that not all of them would live up to their contract. To be honest we only had a problem with one contractor. Of course that was the one that was actually putting the house together. As I said before it is a panelized house.

The company that made the house said it should go up in 3 to four days. Well, 6 weeks later we didn’t even have a finished roof. Long story short, we ended up firing the contractor and finishing most of the work ourselves. The contractor gave us a flat price then ended up charging by the hour which more than doubled his estimate. Needless to say that was not sitting well with us. Obviously we did get the house finished and around Thanksgiving of 2007 we moved from a construction loan to a mortgage.

While moving to the mortgage we learned that the carpentry contractor put a lien on the property and declared bankruptcy. Again long story short, two years later we ended up in bankruptcy court ourselves as a result of the actions of this person. It was a low time for us and the house, but it didn’t stop God from bringing people here that needed what He had for them. Every time we doubted why we were doing this God would bring someone to stay and we would see the ministry afresh in their experience with God during their stay.

God was even in the bankruptcy. We opted for a 100% payback to our creditors. God’s word tells us to pay what we owe and we were going to honor His word no matter what. It was a 5 year payback plan but just short of 4 years into it we got a letter from the court saying the bankruptcy had been satisfied. We were stunned to say the least. God had His plan and it was working His way. We were out of bankruptcy just in time for bonuses from work that should have gone to pay off our creditors to be available for us. It turned out that several of our creditors didn’t file a Proof of Claim and weren’t included in the payback. We took our bonuses and paid back everyone that would let us. In fact most got what we owed with interest.

As a result we were still operating the R&R House and were debt free except for the mortgage. God is good all the time. What our enemy (Satan) meant for evil, God used for good. The R&R House was just where God wanted it and ready for everyone he would bring and that is exactly what He did. In the next installment I’m going to include some of the notes that people have left for us. We put journals out in the rooms for our visitors to comment on their experience. I look forward to showing you the Jesus R&R House through their eyes.


Steward and Treasurer for Jesus R&R House

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