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I’ve been posting some history about the Jesus R&R House ministry to give our background and hopefully spark some interest. I could put many comments up that have been left by our visitors but I don’t think that would make much difference. Sandra and I have, essentially, been working the ministry alone for the last 12 years. Taking care of the house, grooming the grounds, making improvements, cleaning up after guests and pretty much working two full time jobs.

The time has come for us to pass the ministry on. I’ve just retired from the job that helped pay for the running of the house and we’ve both decided that we are just getting too old to keep the house and grounds in the condition they need to be. We would dearly love for the ministry to continue, but if it does someone that God selects will have to do it.

We will be putting the house on the market soon and that will mean the end of the ministry. If you or someone you know would like to continue the ministry, it is for sale as a turnkey operation. The ministry is an IRS recognized 501.C3 tax deductible charity. Use the Contact Us tab to email or call for information. May God bless you all.


Steward and Treasurer for Jesus R&R House

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    Jesus R&R House is here to help you reconnect and rekindle your relationship with the God you serve.  We provide a place out of the battle and prepared by God, for Him to meet with you.