What to Expect

What to expect:

The R&R House operates somewhat on a bed and breakfast type model. The house has 4 bedrooms – for privacy and solitude – and a kitchen, dining room, great room, and sitting area – for common guest use. Note: The R&R House cannot accommodate children either for day activities or overnight stays and thus we have an adult only policy.
 Bedrooms are our guest’s private space. Two bedrooms share a bathroom on the upper lever and the two bedrooms on the lower level share a bathroom. Each bedroom is supplied with bedding and towels. Bathrooms have an assortment of individual soaps, shampoos, etc. should you need them.
Due to dietary variances, the R&R House does not provide food/meals. Guests are asked to bring whatever food they will need for their stay and to remove or dispose of any leftover food items when they leave. The kitchen is available 24/7, and there is a refrigerator with freezer space for guest use. The refrigerator has an assortment of condiments, dressings for salad, and selected beverages that guests may use as needed. There is a Keurig machine as well as a coffee maker available. Cabinets are labeled for convenience in locating common items. Please note: we ask that you do not put the black pots and pans in the dishwasher. It ruins the non-stick finish and voids the warranty.
Guests are welcome to use the stereo and the TV in the great room. There is no television service at the R&R House.  The TV is equipped to connect to a computer for presentations and video.  Please just be mindful of sound levels so as not to disturb others in the house.  There are no “tourist” activities close by but the subdivision has many roads that provide good walking exercise.
Cell phone service is virtually non-existent at the R&R House, but there is a house phone available for guest use in the main floor great room. The number is 309-963-5622 if you need to make or receive calls, or leave an emergency number for someone, during your stay. There is also an open Wi-Fi for guest use: RnRGuest.
The house stewards are in residence and will be moving about the house as needed for the normal activities of caring for the house, grounds, and guests. They are usually gone during the day Monday-Friday but can be reached at 309-310-5435 if needed.  The front door has a combination lock and you will be sent a combination for your visit in a confirmation email.  To operate the lock, press the numbers in the order given then press the large button at the top
Spin lake:
The R&R House is located in a rural sub-division. There are developed and undeveloped roads that provide plenty of opportunity for nature walks. Note: due to Spin Lake Association regulations, guests can only use the lake and beach area if accompanied by one of the house stewards.
Local amenities:
Mackinaw is a small town 10 minutes west of Spin Lake. There is an IGA store in the heart of downtown as well as a family restaurant and local burger/sandwich shop. On Route 9 there is are taverns that serve meals and a Casey’s.  Danvers also has a restaurant (The Old Bank).  The Hahn Winery has entertainment during warm weather.